Driving Graphene Innovation

aradigm shifts in the performance of functional materials have been demonstrated in recent years, enabled in the main by the isolation of new two-dimensional materials, and led by the inaugural material, graphene.

n allotrope of carbon, graphene in its pristine single atomic layer form has inherent electrical, mechanical, thermal and optical properties beyond almost all other currently known materials in a single package.

ealisation of graphene in the laboratory has already demonstrated many proof of concept applications, and begun to prove that the extraordinary theoretical properties can be achieved in real world material samples.


lready the achievement of some ground breaking technologies, over the current state of the art, have resulted in the demonstration of solid state devices with performance capabilities orders of magnitude greater than today’s technologies.

reat steps forward have been taken at the R&D level with feasibility demonstrators heralding great promise and a technology revolution enabled by graphene, but the progression from lab to manufactured product still has significant barriers.

eaching commercially viable graphene products, requiring large-area graphene, with the capabilities of these early stage prototypes is proving challenging as the availability of high quality, large-area graphene, repeatedly in commercial scales is proving a limitation.

ttaining solutions for these challenges, through the innovation of new large-area graphene production techniques, we are now able to provide the graphene to bridge the gap between lab and scalable end product manufacturing.

ulfilment of the potential of graphene is close, and with it the possibility to achieve the life improving, positive society impacting technologies at a globally beneficial scale.

We are Paragraf, and through the application of our novel approaches we are endeavouring to drive graphene towards its prophesised greatness and ensure this ‘super’ material achieves all of the wonderful technologies it is capable of. If you have the same passion and drive to see graphene achieve its potential, or just an interest in getting to know the material and its applications more, we are continually looking for like-minded people, development partners and new friends in this and related technology spaces. Why not reach out and say hello, we’d be delighted to make your acquaintance.