Developing for the Future

Spun out of The University of Cambridge Paragraf Ltd. has one core focus… to deliver the speculated capabilities of graphene and other two-dimensional materials to the real world.

Building on fundamental science and high quality, independently proven research and development Paragraf has targeted the limiting factor preventing the true exploitation of two-dimensional materials… manufacturing.  Combining the expertise of thin film materials production, solid state structure processing and novel material product application, Paragraf has developed technology to deliver the highest quality graphene material, in large area configurations, in formats directly compatible with standard device processing mechanisms and properties that can be tuned to suit a myriad of applications.

Achieved through the fundamental application of materials sciences,  drawing on the scientific excellence of the University of Cambridge, combined with the implementation of high-tech engineering approaches Paragraf’s core values are driven by the passion to innovate and derive useful end product from novel materials, driving Science and Engineering to have the greatest world impact.

Paragraf’s business model targets rapid exploitation of graphene and other novel two-dimensional materials for high-tech applications.  Built around an existing IP portfolio covering novel material layer production, two-dimension structure assembly and device manufacturing Paragraf’s core activities comprise:

  • The manufacturing of graphene and other two-dimensional materials
  • Research and development of new two-dimensional material structures, devices and applications
  • Innovation of technologies, techniques and processes to enable the harnessing of two-dimensional ‘super-materials’ in real world devices and applications

With in-house manufacturing and R&D capabilities Paragraf combines the production of the highest quality industry standard for graphene with the continual development of this highly novel technology field.  Inception and concept development of new IP, know-how and knowledge is key not only to Paragraf’s growth but in driving the world of two-dimensional materials perpetually forward.

Our drive is to ensure the wonderful capabilities of two-dimensional materials can be harnessed, utilised and exploited for the benefit of everyone.  We are an open-door company, with on-going collaboration programs, however we are actively seeking to create further opportunities.  Through joint application of efforts and expertise we can achieve extraordinary advances with potentially global benefits.