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Advancing Graphene Knowledge

For may years now the theoretical properties of atomically thin layers of materials have been excitedly speculated by the scientific community.  In 2004 with the isolation of graphene for the first time some of these characteristics were enabled in the real world.  What ensued was a rapid exploration of the true, tangible capabilities of this material, leading to some extraordinary discoveries.  Unlike any other real-world realised material before graphene demonstrated improvements in many high performance properties… in a single material:

properties 2

Individually each of these properties has the possibility to provide new alternatives to current state of the art materials, yielding significant advances in current applications.  In multiple combinations graphenes properties could deliver step change improvements in present day devices leading to big steps forward in many fields. However, harnessing in unison all of graphenes capabilities will deliver paradigm shifts in a plethora of technology spaces, and even enable products and applications that were once thought of as Science Fiction

Graphene The Wonder Material

The Functionalisation of Graphene

Targeting Graphene at the Application

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