Delivering Graphene Technologies

The potential of graphene is truly astounding, the achievements of graphene in the lab have been incredibly exciting, demonstrating the possibilities that this super material could potentially achieve.  The result has been endless speculation and tireless application of efforts to obtain the first true graphene high-tech devices and applications.

As wonderful as proof of concept graphene technology experiments have proven to be, the utilisation of graphene in mass produced technologies remains elusive.  The unfortunate on-going issues plaguing the achievement of high-quality, large-area, reproducible, functionalised graphene production are still limiting its commercial viability.  For more information click right.

Large Area Graphene Issues

The Paragraf Solution

At Paragraf we are highly focused on delivering the potential of technologies demonstrated in early stage R&D through to useful, real world end product for the benefit of all.  Applying our considerable expertise in thin film material and solid state device production we have addressed the now long standing gap in the extraordinary demonstrated two-dimensional materials concepts at feasibility level and the production of two-dimensional materials in a useful, commercially viable way.

With our proprietary IP in two-dimensional material manufacturing processes Paragraf have achieved the only current cost effective, epitaxial solution for repeatable, scalable, large area, semiconductor compatible production of two-dimensional materials and devices.  Our graphene products have performance properties that are not only significantly beyond the current market materials but can be truly functionalised, designed with capabilities aligned to the targeted end product use of the material.

Harnessing these unique capabilities we have proven the worlds first wafer scale graphene based electronics devices utilising graphene as active layers and contact layers, demonstrating ground-breaking advances.  Proving at every manufacturing step the compatibility of our materials with standard thin film and IC processing lines we have finally unlocked the huge potential in the two-dimensional material commercial markets.

The Paragraf approach focuses on harnessing and utilising the unique properties of graphene as an end product. Whether as functionalised, application targeted graphene layers on substrates or heterostructure solid state devices with graphene incorporation, and realisation of commercial product, whether by Paragraf or the end user.

Our technology is suitable for all graphene layer markets.

Technology USP's

  • Configurable

    Controlled, definable property graphene allows enhanced properties designed for specific end point application

  • Compatible

    Standard thin film growth process enables direct compatibility with standard solid state device materials production

  • Cost Effective

    Rapid production technique requiring no change to standard equipment streamline process, minimising device cost

  • Industry Ready

    Standard production techniques on standard substrates and materials gives full process line integration


Graphene Devices

Graphene Applications

2D Materials

Paragraf Products

  • Graphene Layers

    Outperforming all commercially available products, on preferred substrates without transfer processes in application ready form factors

  • Graphene Heterostructures

    Combining layers of graphene with varying properties to produce ‘active’ graphene functionalised thin films for the targeted application

  • Graphene & Thin Film Material Heterostrutures

    Direct combination of semiconductor, dielectric and other two-dimensional materials with graphene to produce pristine multi-material heterostructures

  • Graphene Devices

    Graphene heterostructures in standard processing line compatible, contamination free, format ready for device manufacturing

  • Novel 2D Materials

    Next generation, beyond graphene, two-dimensional materials in functionalised and heterostructure form