Products and bundles

Our BPU™ Platform is exclusively available through either the Innovation or Commercial Partnerships. If you’re interested in becoming a partner, you can apply below.

Our commercial partners are using the capabilities of the BPU Platform that have already been demonstrated, utilized and in some cases even published on whereas the innovation partners are engaged in proof-of-concept and pilot projects to test and demonstrate entirely new applications and use cases on the platform.

Commercial Partnerships

Our Commercial Partnerships include the following components:


Seamless business in a box with everything you need to get started


Standard license & revenue sharing model


Direct access to our BPUs enabling thousands of potential applications


Dedicated support team to help you

Business in a box

Our starting package provides you with a BPU Benchtop that can read 16 chips at a time, 100 BPUs, a PC tower and two weeks of training and support – everything you need to get started building your service or product offering.

Access to innovation

Commercial Partners get unique access to existing infrastructure technology modules – greatly reducing development costs and timelines. New modules can be custom built for your application for an additional cost.

Your success is our success

Our Commercial Partnership team is committed to your success, from onboarding, assay development and analysis. We are here to get and keep your Powered by Paragraf offering up and running whether you are running assays internally or as a service to your customers.

What will you build with us?

Our growing network of partners operate in markets across diagnostics, research, agriculture and more – all leveraging Paragraf’s BPU Platform to build unrivalled products that create and disrupt their markets.

To apply for partnership, let us know a little bit about you, your team, the idea you want to commercialize with us and what will make you our next great partner.