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Cryogenic sensors

Paragraf is the world’s first company to use graphene to mass produce electronic devices using standard semi-conductor processes.

Our cryogenic ready graphene sensor is the first and only Hall Effect Sensor capable of measuring magnetic field strengths of 7 Tesla (T) and above, at temperature extremes at the mK level.  This allows industry, for the first time, to increase throughput with quicker magnet mapping by removing NMR probe mapping stages.

Our cryogenic sensor also allows measurements directly in cold bore, removing the need for room temperature inserts, and providing a quicker collection of quality data.

Cryogenic sensors

Features and benefits

High linearity up to 30T

Simplify calibration

Low noise measurements

Minimal amplification electronics required

High resolution and sensitivity

Rival performance of more complex semiconductors, with the ease of use of silicon

Operable at mK

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