Paragraf leading the way in graphene electronics

Current sensors

Paragraf is the world’s first company to use graphene to mass produce electronic devices using standard semiconductor processes.

With its two-dimensional nature, graphene-based sensors only respond to magnetic fields perpendicular to the sensing layer. This provides much more accurate field and current mapping for battery applications.

Download our latest application note: Using Paragraf graphene Hall sensors to measure current flow

Graphene current sensor

Features & Benefits

  • Unrivalled measurement range capability, from µA to kA
  • Isolated from current flow
  • Capture current flow direction as well as magnitude
  • Zero cross talk
  • Capture instantaneous increases in current density with high resolution and no lag
  • Two-dimensional graphene Hall element, immune to stray fields in the plane of the sensor
  • Use one sensor; reduce bill of materials
  • Additional measurements can be made without disruption to existing set-ups
  • Improved information during current observations
  • Densely pack sensors for high spatial resolution
  • Improved measurements critical for regulatory and safety requirements
  • Implement high resolution and cost effective battery cell-level current sensing in a noisy magnetic environment

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